Why you book your session

You book your session for the reason to have a conversation with your animal. To hear the words of your animal, get the answers to all your questions and to experience the thoughts, emotions feelings and sensations of your animal with your animal.

My clients booked their sessions for various reasons: Here re a few examples of the implementations:

– Behavioral problems: Problems in behavior can be addressed and the animal is given the opportunity to give up the negative emotions causing the unwanted behaviour.

– Relocation, addition to the family, vacation issues, trailer problems, stable problems,

– Behavioural abnormalities and disorders
– Calm a nervous animals

– Activation of self healing and therefore accelerated healing: After injuries or operations
especially for competition horses/animals
– Fears, phobias and blockages (eg. Thunder or loud noises)

– Overcome emotional stress.

– Trauma release
– Behavioral problems
– Relocation, addition to the family, vacation/travel issues
– Dealing with grief/loss when owner or carer or another animal passed away

– Grief and loss by the person when the animal passed away

-Find out about their past. For eg. by adopted and shelter animals

Once the core of the problems have been identified, they can be solved, completely free of side effects and without any pain or stress for your pet.
During the session you will experience for yourself, in yourself how your animal’s fear, pain or insecurity etc. feels and you will feel the changes taking place with your animal together, every step of the way.

This perceptions subsequently increases and strengthens the bond between you and your animal to an extend you have never thought possible.

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