Animal-Conversations vs. animal communication

Even though the Animal-Conversations is a form of animal communication it is vastly different to the classic animal communication, which you even may heard of.

In comparison to the classic animal communications, where the facilitator, the animal communicator connects energetically with the animal and gives you the answers to the questions you have towards your animal, you do not take part in the experience and as it this is done as a silent process, you do not hear your animal either.

I wanted to change the way, I wanted to let you take part. So I developed the rare and unique Animal-Conversations for you to perceive your animal in a way, never existing before.

Here the differences and some of the advantages you have when you book your session of the exclusive Animal-Conversations:

– You actively take part in the exceptional experience

– You are experiencing the feelings, thoughts, emotions and sensations of your animal, with your animal in your own body and mind

– You hear the words of your animal and the answers it gives to your questions

– You perceive the changes taking place in your animal

– You make a body check together with your animal to find out about the physical status

– You are strengthening the bond between you and your animal on such a profound level, giving you a whole new quality of relationship.

– …and so many more

My clients describe the Animal-Conversations as a phenomenal experience.

Book your session and have this special adventure for yourself, with your animal.

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