Why you book your session

Because  you are going to listen to me having a conversation with your animal about the topics you choosed, while you perceiving the feelings, emotions and sensations of your animal, hearing the thoughts and experience the body of your animal through your own.

Can it be an any more extraordinary?

What an extraordinary opportunity you have. Imagine all the benefits and results you have, when you book this experience.

You get all the answers to every question you have from your animal! What are you going to ask?

The animals speak about their feelings and experiences, dreams and wishes, what they like. About their emotions, about their problems, fears and worries, what they would like to have, what they would like to have different, they answer the questions you have and give valuable information, for example, why they ‘misbehave’ in certain situations and what’s the cause of it. They tell about their past and where they have been. And so much more…

Would you like to be able to enter their inner world and really understand how they feel and why and what is making them feel scared or anxious and causing their behaviour?

Do you have a problem with your animal. Does your animal show unwanted behaviour?  Disturbing behaviour? Is your animal misbehaving? Is the animal is  attacking you or others in your home/work?  What is your problem?

Do you want a solution?
Do you want to know WHY your animal is behaving like this?
Do you want  a possibility to bring changes to that behaviour?
How do you want it to be?

You are looking for change?

Then this Animal Conversation is definitiv your solution

Is your animal or pet having behavioural problems or showing signs of anxiety or trauma?

In using different techniques of this Animal Conversation the animal can be freed and healed in these sessions from these horrible emotions (Trigger) and the tremendous effects it had on the animal, to allow the Animal to give away its constant stress and suffering.

This unique method of Animal Conversations is independent of the species!

Missy, a competitive jumping horse which before did not want to be touched on the right side, combing the mane caused a great stress in the animal. Today the horse enjoys grooming.  And thus the owner and students.

„The mare’s biggest problem was that the simple touch on the right side of her body brought her an immense amount of stress. I did t know why. This problem was already prominent when she came to me. It was a problem that affected many areas in the operation of my riding school too. When I was to touch on her mane on the right side it excelerated, she went into flight mode. I could see the panic in her eyes. I saw my animal suffer and I wanted to help my horse.  I booked my Animal Conversations session with Maja Brexel. NOW, after the session I had, I know the answer to where her fear, hence her behaviour came from. It was solved right in the session and my mare is now so calm and relaxed that even my riding students can now look after the animal with enthusiasm. Missy is actually able now to stand still and enjoy the quality time of grooming. My mare is clearly enjoying and I have gained more than just peace and time.“ Tanja Parusel, Rancho La Ofra/Spain


In this sessions we do a Body Check. You perceive the body of your animal. Would you like to know how they feel on a physical level?

Did you adopt your animal or it came to you? Do you want to know where they have been, what their past experiences were before they came to you, Or would you just like to know what you can do to make their life better?

This is the unique opportunity to have an interactive conversation with your animal. You can initiate changes, find out what is going on emotionally and physically with your animal. Your animal will let you know, how you can make its daily life better.

With this Animal Conversation you can increase the Quality of Life of your Animal.

You want to get another animal and what to know what the others think about that?
You want to
train your animal?
You have a
competitive animal and you want to TUNE YOUR ANIMAL?!

This session is for you! BOOK NOW!

All sessions are audio taped and you can get a full transcript!

You want to read session examples, then click here

Do you work with Animals?

In a zoos, oceanographico rescue station, sanctuary. Or in service or military, you train or work with guide animals, emotional support animals.

Think of one animal NOW, you want to have a conversation with? Which animal would that be? What is the name of the animal? Why that animal? What do you want to talk about?

You work in the field of animal research, this is a completly new and different approach. Get in contact. You can just ask the animal!

What is your work? Waht is your Animals Job Description?


‚Our Animals and Pets, our Life- and Health- and Work-and Sports Companions.‘

‚Our Best Friends.‘

Thanks to this Animal Conversations your animal has NOW the unique opportunity to make YOU understand, tell it’s story, give a message, give valuable feedback and important information for you and answer ll the questions you have.

You see, in private or work, this unique method of Animal Conversations by Maja Brexel gives The Best for You and for Your Animal!

What do you want to know from your Animal? What are you going to ask?

What are you going to talk about?

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