The owner wanted the cat to stop biting and wanted to know how she feels now, after they moved.

Hello Tisha


How are you today?

I am tranquila.

How old are you?


Your name is Tisha?


Do you like your name?

Where are you right now?

In the bed, close to the window.

You moved to Spain, how is it?

Where was you before?


And how is it here?

Quiet, I breath better, beautiful.

How is it here different?

Quiet. Smells nice. In Mexico City I could not get out. There I lived in a flat with a balcony.

Here I can go out, but I am afraid, so afraid of everything outside.

How does being afraid feels like?

I have to be with precausion of everything.

Why do you have the feeling you have to be with precaution all the time?
Because it is dangerous outside.

Were does that perception come from?

There are noises and people, there are animals.

I like to be outside, Naroa takes me, I like this. I breath, I smell, beautiful smelling of the flowers, but I am afraid to go further.

You are afraid even when Naroa is with you?

When Naroa is with me I feel safety. I very used to being in the house and I dont know why I am so afraid of everything.

When I was born, the world is hostile, very hostile, all the world.

Naroa rescued me.

You felt hostile from when you were born?


I dont know the world!

Yet, you dont know the world as of yet!

I would like to, but I dont know how the world is. Naroa makes me feel safe. Also, she protects me, I feel safe in my own.

Why are you so nervous and fearful with other cats and new people?

I am afraid that they attack me I have to protect myself, I dont want to be harmed. I dont know how they will react with me, so I am afraid of that.

As I understand you do not like touching so much. Is that correct?


In regarding the touching, where does it come from?

I learned touching with Naroa.

I am born in the streets and when I was little a big dog were chasing us.

I miss my family. I run run run and I fell in a black hole and was yelling and Naroa rescued me.

And she cares and she took me to her home and I feel safe and sure, but I never liked the touching, only when I want it. I bite her, to tell her I had enough and to stop.

I know how to defend myself, to bite. I bite to tell her to stop. And she stops. I owe her, she is my protector. So I am with her because we are friends. But she doesn’t own me. I dont like touching so much and she has to understand, she is human.

The biting need to stop!


But I communicate through that with her, tell her that I had enough touch.

Yes, but biting hurts Naroa and I think you do not want to hurt her?

No, no but that is the only way I know.

Can I introduce a different way?

Make Meaow and just walk away!


How does that implement?
Easier. Ok Ok.

Regarding the you getting out of the house for a walk outside?

Naroa has to trust me, she has to let me go but she doesn’t let me go without her.


I know the place right now, I know how to get back to my home, I know.

I am going to try to walk with her but Naroa has to trust me. I am afraid of other cats. They maybe will attack me. I dont know the cats. I just see the cats right now. I didn’t see any cats in Mexico City. The noises of the cars scares me a lot. I know the place where I live now, already.

Do you like toys?
It’s boring boring boring. I like to hunt.

What do you like to hunt?

Insects and birds. In Mexico Naroa took them away and was angry with me.

I am a very good hunter.

When you have a bird or an insect, what are you doing with it?
I play and if it tastes nice I eat them, but not the birds. The birds no, the insects. The birds here are very quick. I cant I couldn’t.

And dont bring birds home!

I know, I know. Naroa feels sad when I bring home my trophy. I hunt the bird for a gift. It was a gift. She feels sad, much more then angry.

What is it that you need that makes you happy and calm?

I am happy, I like my place. Sometimes I feel calm, sometimes I feel so anxious, than I have to let it out.

How do you let it out?
Running. Attack game. I have to do something with all the energy.

What would you like to do more?
Play more!

What is your favourite food?
Chicken is my favourite, I like chicken, salmon, Tuna. I am bored of the cat food.

Your bored of cat food?
I like meat, fresh one, I like real food. I eat the cat food because it is tasty sometimes, but I love fresh one. Naroa does that sometimes. Naroa is good. She is very good, she loves me.

Shall I let her know to do it more often?
YAYA yes!

Do you get dry food?

How do you like your dryfood?
Is good, snacks, I love the snacks.

Did you ever had the liquid cat treats, the ones for licking?

Ya ya, it just begun. Naroa gives it to me, delicious.

She just started it here?


In Mexico no?

Are you happy in your new place?
Of course, quiet, smells good.

What does it smell like?
Fresh, sweet.

How can Naroa show you that she loves you?

She does. I dont like touch me more. I dont like the touch so much. I like the touching but little. I like how she touch me but I dont want it more. The time in that I need it, I tell her.

You know she loves you?

What is the favourite way for the caresses?
She knows.

Come’on, tell her!
She scratch my back and my head, behind the ears. I demonstrate to her how I love that! I know she loves me, she is my mom, since I was born, very little.

Do you feel loved and protected by her?
Yes, yes, she is my friend, my partner. I feel comfortable with her, but she has to respect my time. She does.

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Name all emotion you dont want any more?

I am afraid to die, I am afraid to get killed, everything, the people are bad.

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Do you feel different now?

How different do you feel now?

Calm. Relaxed.

How does it feel for you?

Nice, peaceful.

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Do you feel different now?

How different do you feel now?

Yes, light, good, good.

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Do you feel different now?

How different do you feel now?

I am alive, like a miracle.

How different do you feel now?

Yes, yes (laughing).

Now fill yourself up with courage!


What else do you want to fill yourself up with?


Patience, patience with Naroa, patience.

I want you to fill yourself up with Social – being together with Naroa!

Hm, ok. ok.

Any thing else you want to fill yourself up with.

Love her more. Be with her.

What do you wish for yourself?

I am OK. With all this. I am ok.

So Tisha, our time here draws to a close.

What do you want to say to Naroa?
Thank you! Thank you for her love and the protection. I feel very much when she feels afraid for me and I feel afraid Because the feeling is something bad. Because she feels scared, so I feel it and I am scared too.

How will you now behave different so Naroa knows your good.

Go out, without attacking her, not biting her, be more gentle with her and loving.

From the beginning of your talk and now, how do you feel different?

Peaceful, tranquil and relaxed and happy.

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