Pluma the surviver cat

I had just adopted my cat, Pluma, when I met Maja. Pluma had been found in a really bad state when she was a baby. She was so dehydrated, their rescuer didn’t think she would survive. But she did and I adopted her a couple of months later. The problem was that Pluma was completely traumatised about being outside and she was very scared of humans. My wish was to get Pluma out and go for walks with her, but also to have her socialise more or at least not being on alert each time someone would knock on the door. Maja suggested I would do an Animal Conversation Session with her to connect with Pluma and understand the problem better, so I could help her heal and have a more enjoyable time with her too. I had done animal communication before but I never had an experience like Maja gave me.

Animal Conversation is something so different, so much more deep I took part. I experienced Pluma. It’s like I could feel into how my cat was feeling in such a deeper way than before. And believe me, my cat and I are connected and I feel like I talk to her all the time! Yet here, it’s something different which brings deep healing to the animal.

Pluma came out with me on walks, first in a backpack and now she goes out by herself too! I kept working on socialising her too and over time she did! Maja’s help was definitely the starting point of it all and  I am so grateful! Thank you Maja! Charlie Ropsy, FengShui Consultant and her cat Pluma

Joy Fischer and Rufus, her dog with dangerous eating problems

Emma the Retromops

So my little retromops dog Emma is 8 years old. She has been with me for a little over 6 years now.

A few weeks ago Emma was suddenly so lurich in the evening. She didn’t want to go for a walk, didn’t want to eat and couldn’t be moved to do anything. Very untypical for my Emma, she did not even want a treat. That has already worried me. The night was very exhausting. She could not sleep and constantly ran around. The next morning I was happy that she finally drank something but immediately this came out again.
Since my veterinary is very difficult to reach by phone and since I wanted to help my little darling quickly, I contacted Maja and asked her to contact Emma to find out what she has. Maja was on the train at that time and told me to send her some pictures of Emma and she would call me in the late afternoon, because she first needed a quiet place for the Animal Conversation. Since I did not want to let Emma suffer any longer, I went to the vet around 11 o’clock. Briefly explained her symptoms and she got 2 injections (1x painkiller and 1x to decramp). He told me in 2 hours she will be better. During the palpation he told me that her belly was soft, but her stomach was very sensitive. After that I went home with her on the couch. Unfortunately, even 2 hours later she was not better.

Still no appetite and no thirst. Also no Pippi done. I spent the whole day with her on the couch and waited for Maja to call me back. Maja called me around 5:30 pm to tell me the result of the Animal Conversation Session. At that moment my Emma got up and went to her bowl and started eating and her look was completely different. The phone call was then briefly interrupted and I looked at my dog in that time and she looked somehow liberated.

Shortly afterwards Maja called me back and told me what Emma had told her:

First she wanted to share that she loves me very much❤️. (just like I love her❤️) and that her stomach has been hurting a lot for 2 days. She must have eaten something small pointed outside and this caused her the bad pain in her stomach. However, she would feel a little better already. Further, she told, that she would like to go for even more walks, in different places and that she would like a playmate her age. And  having more of the round and crunchy treats would not be bad either. Other than that, she likes her life.

Of course, what made me happiest as a dog mom was, that she got better when the phone rang.
Maja explained to me later that she had encased this little pointy thing so that Emma would no longer have problems with it and would excrete it normally. We went for a little walk afterwards and Emma slept peacefully again that night. The next day she was still a little bit limp, still again her usual self.
I am still so fascinated how this way conversation with animals works.

Dear Maja please keep up the good work. It is such a relief to know that you can communicate with your little darlings this way, especially when they are not well.

Very dear greetings from Emma and Sabine. Hug you from afar ❤️❤️😘😘

Missy the competitive horse

A jumping horse which did not want to be touched on the right side, combing the mane caused the greatest stress in the animal.

Today the horse enjoys grooming.

And thus the owner.

Mrs. Brexel had told me that she does hypnosis with animals. I personally had good experiences with hypnosis, but had never heard before that something like this also exists with animals.

My animal is a lovely, but very bitchy mare.

I myself own a stud with a riding school.

The mare’s biggest problem was that you could hardly touch her on the right side. She always associated it with extreme stress, winced, constantly evaded … it was always something.
This problem was already prominent when she came to me.
It was a constant struggle to clean her and combing her mane was pure horror for her. And the bad thing was, I knew it was always particularly stressful for her.
And for me too, it always meant stress and I felt sorry for my horse.
In addition, I had the problem that some of the students did not want to clean the mare and make it ready for the stable after the riding lesson. Especially the young girls.
Then it was always up to me.
It was a problem that affected many areas in the operation of a riding school.

With the prospect of being able to change everything, I was very grateful that I knew Ms. Brexel.

During the first session, my mare shared why she had the problem. It was an experienced trauma.
Ms. Brexel healed the trauma and my mare told how I can help her now.
Since the Animal Conversation I learned, that she had to get used to a new life without these deep-seated fears. Because she doesn’t even know what it’s like to be touched or combed without fear.
When I asked ‚What I can do for you, I got the answer:
! I shall be patient and understanding. And just to keep talking to her like I always do. She likes it when I tell her about my day while ‚ grooming ‘!  WOW.
That was a moment that really touched me.

With so much more understanding and love I did everything what she had told in the coming days and day by day it got better and better.

Everything was consolidated even more during the second Animal Conversation Session and today everyone can touch, comb, clean and get her ready for the stable stressfree.
And with that, all the other little problems went away too. Because my mare is now so calm and relaxed that my riding students now look after the animal with enthusiasm. My mare is clearly enjoying this and I have gained more than just peace and time.
Thank you Ms. Brexel for making such a wonderful change.

Tanja Parusel, Rancho La Ofra, Spain


Tisha the cat from Mexico City

A cat that attacked the owner and had just moved from the buzzing Capital Mexico City, to the Costa Blanca, a very quiet place in Spain. She attacked her owner and bit.

The owner wanted her to stop biting and ask how Tisha feels now, after they moved.

Hi, I’m Naroa, I only have words of gratitude, my Animal Conversations experiences with Maja were amazing. I was filled with peace and joy, she has a very nice method, you always feel safe and protected.

When Maja connect with Tisha my kitten, we fell good and safe, talking very comfortable. She asked Tisha, all the questions I wanted to know about certain behaviors of my cat.

The sessions were such pleasant experiences, since I now know many things to improve my treatment with my kitten, and make her feel more comfortable, happier, more calm and confident with me.

After the session, I have noticed that Tisha is calmer, she is no longer aggressive with me, she is more loving, and I feel that she is more comfortable and happy with me and with her new home.

Now I feel more connected with her, I feel that I can understand her better and offer her a better quality of life, which makes me feel very happy.

I really highly recommend this type of therapy, using the Maja’s hypnosis, to know and treat our pets better, offering them greater understanding, that we make them feel how much we love them.

And above all, if we have a pet in a state of anxiety, nervousness or aggressiveness, the hypnosis therapy that Maja does, is ideal, so that our pet feels calmer, modifiying its behaviors, and we can experience a loving harmony with our animals and pets.

I only have words of deep gratitude to Maja … it has been a very enriching experience for both of us.

 Thank you a lot!!

Naroa Huerta and her cat Tisha

Watch the video: https://youtube/tisha

Read here the transcript from the session: https://animal-conversations.com/tisha/


I had a session for my cat. My experience was very rewarding, throughout the animal conversation session. I felt very comfortable and at peace, the direction of the visualizations are beautiful and fill you with joy, security and internal comfort …
Throughout the process you feel an energy of love and immense light, achieving a very deep relaxation … letting yourself be carried away by Maja’s voice with confidence being able to enter the real of your animal, to be able to hear it clearly and cover its needs in a more loving and conscious way.

Maja lovingly enters your subconscious, dedicating all the time you need, achieving a very strong connection with your pet.

I felt my kitten … or she was inside me, listening to her clearly, or I was inside her feeling and understanding her … a unique and special experience, since you become one with your pet, you feel your animal and it communicates and answers from your words … throughout the entire section I felt a very deep unconditional love and joy with life. I felt like an integral part of life itself ….. the concept of separation and duality completely disappeared.

When I was already aware of myself, and returned to me in the here and now … I felt full of happiness and enormous joy, with a lot of peace and internal harmony.

I can only thank Maja with my heart in my hand for this unique and beautiful experience.

Blacky and Nilufa Pilata Sanchez, Altea, Spain

I came to Mrs. Brexel because of one of my dogs, a terrier from the animal shelter. He came to me because he couldn’t be touched by other people and was very scared and suspicious of others. In total I still have 4 dogs and they all lived on the street. The terrier was the last to join. If the other dogs wanted to come to me, he became aggressive towards them and protected and defended me. During the Animal Conversation it was talked about why he was doing it and now he has completely stopped doing it. This Animal Conversation is a great thing. You feel very connected to your animal. It was a great experience for me to be so connected with my animals and I was able to help them a lot.

Thank you Ms. Brexel. Sigrun Peters with Pretty from Germany

I have a super cute grey cat girl, which was really screwed up when she came to me. She was very difficult to touch and then only by me. She was constantly hiding in the farthest and darkest corners. I felt so sorry for her.
When my husband wanted to touch her, she crawled deeper and deeper and her eyes shone with panic.
She came out to eat and then I could approach slowly and touch her briefly. In my attempts to take her in my arms, she showed great fear and meowed pitifully and scratched my forearm while lowering her and she was quickly gone.
I thought that would go away after the time. But no, it didn’t.
When my husband left the house, she would sometimes come out and was around me in a distance, but as soon as he or anyone else entered the house, she was gone again.  In general she was terribly scared, always jumpy and never seemed to be able to relax, as if she had to be constantly on the lookout for something or someone.
It was really no life for a cat and no harmonious co-existence either.
Ms. Brexel came as a recommendation and I got in touch with her with the need that she could help me. Since I live in Thailand, I had the healing sessions done with a surrogate that Ms. Brexel made available.
During the healing sessions I found out what had happened to my cat girl, I found out about her resulting fears and I was able to understand her panic perfectly.
That she was picked up and dropped by someone as a baby!
That she was before with a man for a very short time and he kicked her and that hurt!

The astonishing thing was, that the cat was only about 6 months old when it came to me.

I am so grateful that Mrs. Brexel helped my sweetheart and you should see her today! She is a big cuddler and she sleeps in the bed every night!
That’s how it should be.

Elithabeth Hamsworth,
Chiang Mai, Thailand

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