The owner wanted to know if his old companion is ok or

if he wants to go.

Sam has had many surgeries before. He receives medication and remedies.

Hello Sam


How are you today?

OK. I am old.

How old are you?

14 15 16

Who lives with you together?

A nice man.

How do you call the nice Mann?


Is there someone else living with you?

A cat.

What is the name of the cat?

Tim. Timmy.

So you know that Timmy is there?


Have you ever met Timmy?

I see him from time to time.

What do you do most of your time?

I sleep a lot.

Are you happy?

Yes. I do not need so much anymore.

So much of what?

Walking, Attention.

Do you have pain?

Sometimes more sometimes less. That comes with age.

Is it too much pain?


What is there you need?

No. Like now, I am happy, I know that I been taken care off.

Is there anything your Daddy can do to make your life more beautiful.

No. He is amazing.

Your Dad asked me to let you know that he loves you very much.

I love him too!

That was the most important that your Daddy wanted you to know.

I Know That!

What is going on with you on the food side?

Yes, I am a bit chubby and can eat all the time.

Are you enjoying your food?


What is your favourite food?

I eat all. All is delicious what I get.

Is there anything what you would like to have to eat?


Have you had that before?

I had that, I was still small I think.

Leberwurst to smear?

Yes, on bread.

You want Leberwurst on bread?

With bread, I have longer something from it.

What makes you happy Sam?

I am happy!

What do you wish for yourself?

That I do still have a little time to live. I do not know how long, but right now all is good.

That is the most important your Daddy wanted to know.

Daddy, will see it. When I cannot anymore, he will see it.

How would you show to Daddy?

He sees it. He is my Daddy. He sees it.

He doesn’t need to worry?

No, he sees it.

Sometimes you make this certain sound?

Sam giggles.

So you know what sound I mean?


Your Daddy was wondering why you do that.

Just like that.

Does that mean anything?

No. I need to make some noise sometimes.

Are you feeling good when you do it?


Is there anything you like to say to your Daddy.

I love him.

The session was conducted on a Friday and on the Saturday the owner went straight away and bought liver pate for Sam

2 month later Sam passed away and he got fullfilled his dearest wish.

To one more time in his life taste Leberwurst

A wish he was holding on since he was a puppy.

How wonderful to have this knowledge. So soothing to the soul.

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