Read here some session transcripts from clients and their animals.

All conversations with the animals are audio-taped!

You receive all answers to your questions directly after the session. Shall you wish to have a full transcript (recommended) you can choose to get a full transcript of the session with our animal or pet.

What you are going to ask your animal?

What do you want to know from your animal?

Here you will get an understanding of how the Animal-Conversations sessions are conducted.

Let’s talk!

Bertie, a dog found abandoned on the street

Mancha never was on a walk and lives with her brother

Alfred (Burt) gave us his name

Archie, a dog with eating issues

Tisha, a cat that was continiously attacking the owner and just moved from a buzzing town to a quiet palce

Mr. Birdsbie, a dove with a broken wing


Fullfilling a life long wish of an old companion

Canela, a Guinea Pic talking about previous lifes

Betty, a street cat wants a home for herself

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