A beautiful conversation with Charlie.

A hunting dog who did not like to hunt.

He receives healing and releasing of emotional pain.

For you to read, here the transcript from the session with Charlie

A beautiful dog in a shelter in Spain, that was given the opportunity to tell us about his life and to release dark emotions from a horrible experiences and his wishes.

Here a transcript from Animal-Conversations, where we work with animals in Animal Shelters, Rescue and Sanctuaries. These sessions are gratuitous for the shelters, as the expenditure is taken care of by

MBIFA – The MBrex International Foundation for Animals.

Let’s begin!

Let’s have a look to some info we received before the session about Charlie from the shelter.

1) Name:
2) Type and breed:
3) Sex and age:
Male – 2 years old
4) Is the animal kept alone?
No, Charlie is with 2 other Podencos during the day, in the outside kennel. In the evenings he sleeps in the same kennel as Bonito. They are best friends.
5)How long has he been at the shelter?
Since november 2021

6) History: He was found running loose in someone’s garden. A volunteer brought him to the shelter. He was very scared, he is getting better but it takes a long time. I can touch him and cuddle him, but no one else can. Volunteers take him for a walk, he loves that a lot.

7) Present problem:
He is very scared and trusts almost no one. It takes a while to put the leash on him for a walk.
8) How will you know that the behaviour has changed: It would be great if he trusted people more and wasn’t so scared of everyone.

9) Your 3 questions for the animal:
– 1) Why are you so afraid of people?
– 2) Do you like hunting?
– 3) How do you feel when people approach you?

Read the transcript of the session with Charlie here.

Hello Charlie,
I have a few questions for you, would that be OK if you answered them?
C- Yes
I have heard and seen that you are very scared when a human comes towards you, is that right?
C- Yes
Would you be so kind and tell me why that is?
C- People have always hurt me, little food, long time alone, bad voices, not friendly.
People have not done you any good.
C- No.
How old were you when this happened to you?
C- Since I was born.
When did it stop?
C- When I ran away and came to the shelter.
Did I understand you to say that you ran away?
C- Yes. I had to hunt, but I was afraid.
What were you afraid of?
C- I don’t like hunting.
So you were forced to hunt?
C- Yes
Why don’t you like hunting?
C- I don’t find the animals, then he’s evil!
And in this shelter you live now?
C- Yes,
Who are you with now?
C- With Bonito
How nice is Bonito? ( another dog in the shelter)
C- Bonito is very nice, he is my best mate.
If someone comes and wants to touch you and approaches you in the kennel, what happens to you?
C- Then I can’t move for fear and I think they will take me back to that man.
You don’t want to go back there?
C- No.
What if I told you that no one from the shelter would ever allow you to go back to that person?
C- That would be nice.

I just have a question: has anyone in this shelter ever been bad to you? Did they yell at you, hit you, not give you food…?
C- Ne
So can you say that the time in this shelter is nice and there are good people?
C- Yes
Ok, that is very important that you know that. And in this shelter, where you are now, you are definitely safe. Can you tell me what feeling comes up when someone comes into your kennels and wants to touch you and you get so stiff, what feeling comes up then, tell me?
C- I almost can’t move because of fear, I don’t know where they take me, but mostly it’s just walking around somewhere and then back.
C- So they’ve already done that to you?
And how does it feel to walk around and back?
C- Good, because then I can sniff everywhere and be free and then I go back to the safety of my kennel in the shelter, with Bonito.
We humans say we’ll take you for a walk.
C- Yes
So you like a walk?
C- Yes, with some people.
Why only with some people?
C- Because others don’t let me sniff and pull, that it has to go fast.
That means that the people who take you out really give you time to sniff.
C- Yes, they are nice.
I am glad that you can say that there are people who are nice.
C- Yes.
So you want sniffing time on your walk?
C- Yes

C- Yes,
Okay, I’ll give the info to the shelter. Is there anything else you like to do,
C- Yes, I like to play with toys, with the ball.
What does a game with a ball look like?
C- I put it in my mouth and run around, that’s fun for me.
Is there sometimes a person who throws the ball and you fetch it?
C- No, I don’t like the chase, I don’t run after it, I keep the ball in my mouth and then I’m happy.
It is not very easy to get you on the leash.
C- No
Why is that?
C- Because I don’t know who lets me sniff and who pulls me. Then I am afraid.
Then I will definitely tell the shelter that the people who take you for a walk let you sniff a lot, a lot.
C- Yes with pleasure,
Now I would like to change something about the fact that you are so difficult to take on the leash, let’s play through this again, someone comes up to you in your kennel…what happens inside you now.
C- I don’t like people coming up to me and forcing themselves on me. I would rather choose for myself whether to go out with that person. And if I feel good with these people, then I want to come to them myself.
That is the perfect scenario. But now it is not always so easy in such a shelter. But otherwise the people are nice, even if they don’t let you sniff, they are nice?
C- Yes

Okay, tell me the feelings you have when someone comes up to you, when you freeze in the corner like that, tell me your feelings then.
C – I’m afraid they’ll take me back. Then my heart starts pounding and I panic.

If I took away your fear, would that be a good thing or not a good thing? Now I have to ask, how does your fear feel, is that a good thing or not a good thing?
C- It doesn’t feel good.
If you had the choice to let go of this fear, would you do that?
C- yes

I would very much like to take the fear away from you if that is ok.
C- yes
I’ll also tell you right now that no one from this shelter will ever take you back. I’m telling you the way it is, they will never allow
Then the people who take you for a walk, and also the people who pull you, they do this out of a pure heart, because they love you. They are happy that they can give you this, even if it is only 10 minutes where you can sniff. If you allow people to go for a walk with you, you make them happy.
C- Yes?

They are so happy that they can go with you, they even come from far away so that they can go for a walk with you.
And then I would like to apologise first. May I apologise for all the people in this world who have ever hurt you. I am really sorry that this man and these people have hurt you.
C- Yes
And you are now in safe hands in this shelter and if you find a forever home, a forever home, the shelter will look at that and see that they are good people, you will only go to good people, your life that you had before in fear is now just over.
C- That would be nice.
Now all is well and you are safe here in this shelter and when you get a Forever Home – your own home, you will be even more well, you will always get food and love.
C- ok
But now I would like us to concentrate on the feelings of fear first, can we do that?
C- yes
Healing happens
Charlie, how do you feel now?
C- Relieved and lively.
Are those two good feelings or two bad feelings?
C- Good
Shall we make them stronger
C- Yes
Should we make them stronger separately or together? What do you need?
Good call. What were those again, lighter and?
C- Relieved and chipper, good.
Reinforcement of feelings happens.
How does that feel?
C- Good
2.Reinforcement happens.

These good feelings will stay with you as long as you wish, you have done a great job.
May I ask you if there is still a feeling you want to let go of? Now you have felt how good it is. Is there still a feeling now?
C – No, I am grateful.

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