Canela – a Guinea Pic

Canela is a beautiful coloured Guinea Pig and her owneress had these questions for her.

-How can we improve her life so that she feels better and is happier?

-Why is she afraid of being picked up, if she loves to be cuddled?

-Why is she so distrustful and what does she need to trust me and and my daughter more?

-What has she come to learn in this life?

-Where does she come from?

Canela comes from a spanish owneress and Canela means Cinnamon in Spanish. So well chosen this name, matching her colours so beautifully.

Maja – Hello Canela

Canela – Hello, what do you want?

M – Hi, I wanted to ask you some questions from your owneres.

C – Okay

M – Is that okay?

C – Yeah

M – She wants to know first of all how you are.

C – Well I’m alright, yeah.

M – Yeah? Okay. How can she improve your life that you feel better and that you are more happy.

C – Some different food.

M – What else?

C – Let me run around a bit more.

M – Where do you run around now, are you inside or outside?

C – Inside.

M – Would you like the terrace to try?

C – Yes

M – What else?

C – Give me some more cuddles.

M – What else?

C – That is it, that is fine, let me run around. Or a friend, to keep me company.

M – Should it be a guinea pig living with you?

C – Yes

M – Shall it live in your cage?

C – No

M – Where shall it live?

C – In its cage.

M – But then together on a playground?

C – Yes

M – When you would have a companion, what shall it be?

C – A girl guinea pig.

M – Is there an age thing?

C – No

M – Any age will do the job?

C – Mhm

M – Why are you so afraid to be picked up but you love to be cuddled?

C – Don’t know, just the way I am.

M – okay, let us find out more- Imagine now, the cage is opening, your owneres puts her hands in the cage and picks you up, how do you feel?

C – A little scared because I move backwards.

M – You’re feeling the feeling of being scared?

C – Yeah, because this hand is coming in from the door. Maybe she should leave the door open let me come out on my own.

M – Would that be a solution?

C – Yes

M – Would you still let go of the scared feeling?

C – Yes

M – Shall we do something about it later in this session?

C – Yeah, okay.

M – Why are you so distrustful and what do you need to make trust more with your ownes and her daughter?

C – Time

M – Do you not trust them?

C – No

M – Why don’t you trust them?

C – They’re human.

M – What do human do, that you don’t trust them?

C – I’ve heard they can be horrible to us.

M – From where did you hear about that?

C – I don’t know, collective consciousness, I don’t know. Not from a guinea pig, maybe my mum told me that. I don’t know, I don’t remember, but that’s what I heard.

M – What did you hear?

C – Be careful of the humans.

M – Have your owneres or her daughter hurt you in any way?

C – No

M – Did you had the feeling that, your owneres or her daughter are nice humans?

C – Yes

M – So then I would like to work with you with the trust and the scared feeling a little later.

C – Okay

M – Because no-one has done any harm to you?

C – No

M – What have you come to learn in this life here?

C – Patience.

M – Can you say a little bit more towards that, in what way to what’s what?

C – No, not really.

M – And?

C – To stand strong too.

M – How is your life as a guinea pig?

C – Yeah, its okay, I’m just going around in circles.

M – Where do you come from?

C – I don’t know.

M – Before you were a guinea pig and you took the decision to come and …

C – I was a rat. And next life I’m going to be a bird.

M – Do you know already what bird, big, small?

C – Eagle

M – Do you know where you go in-between the lives? Can you just check that for me?

C – Just to a planet to rest.

M – Would you know the name of the planet?

C – Sheebu

M – Do you come from that planet?

C – No, I come from far away, a few solar systems away. I’m working to become a human, to incarnate in a human body. But I don’t know how many lives I’m going to do before that.

M – Do you know how many lives you’re on already?

C – Eleven

M – So one life you were a rat?

C – Yep, the last one.

M – Any other lives that you can say, just tell us what you were?

C – A snake, an ant, a bee, a mosquito.

M – Oh was you?

C – Yeah, that was a short life.

M – How did you die as a mosquito?

C – I got squashed.

M – Could you suck some ones blood before?

C – Yes, but I didn’t like the taste.

M – Doesn’t help as a mosquito.

C – No

M – Do you remember your very first life?

C – Amoeba

M – How was being an amoeba?

C – I don’t know, just being.

M – What was the most interesting life of all, until now?

C – A rat.

M – Why make a rat so interesting?

C – Because you scurried around and collected bits of this and bits of that, and you kept in the dark and you didn’t see too many humans or animals.

M – Was you a male or a female rat?

C – Male

M – Did you have a name as a rat?

C – I can’t remember what the name was.

M – Can a human become an animal again?

C – No. You just climb up it.

M – When you rest what are you doing?

C – Nothing, just resting the soul, the spirit, ready for the next incarnation.

M – Does you soul have a name?

C – No I haven’t got a soul name, I can’t get the soul name.

M – What kind of food do you like.

C – Fresh fruit.

M – What kind of food would you like to try.

C – Raisins.

M – Is there anything you want to say to your owneres?

C – Thank you for looking after me. You’re a very kind person and I like being in your lap.

M – Is there anything you want to say to her daughter?

C – I like you, its nice being cuddle by you.

M – Is there any message you have for those two? Anything else you want to say?

C – No, that’s it

M – Is there anything you want to say to me?

C – Thank you for helping me.

M – Your welcome. Is there anything you want to say to mankind?

C – Yeah, they need to be more spiritual, meditate more. And be in the now, just being. That’s what we practice as animals.

M – Is there any more?

C – No

M – How do you like your name?

C – Yeah, its a fun name.

M – Wonderful, so the only thing I would like to offer to you is to take the feeling of being scared away and the mistrust for those two.

C – Okay

M – Trust or scared feeling first?

C – Scared

M – I want you to now first bring up this scared feeling, is it with this big hand coming in?

C – Yep

M – Bring this feeling up

Healing takes place

M – How different do you feel now?

C – I’m much more at ease.

M – Is that ease a nice feeling?

C – Yes it is.

M – Can you bring it up for me?

C – Mhm, okay.

M – Now just make it stronger. One more time stronger, be at ease.

C – Okay

M – Good, that’s your new you. Trust in humans takes so much. Do you want to put trust in or do you want to take un-trust out?

C – Put trust in.

M – So I put you now trust into humans, you know your owneres, you know her daughter, they love you. And when you feel the change that feels good, you say ‘Yes’ so I know.

Healing takes place

C – Yes

M – Do you need more?

C – No, I think I’m good.

M – Then I wish you an amazing time right now as the guinea pig.

C – Thank you.

M – And I tell your owneres that she gets you another girl, so you girls can play.

C – Yeah that be good.

M – Do you not like any colour or does it not matter?

C – Mm, a black and white one, I think, that’d be nice. Sarah

M – Is there anything else?

C – No.

M – Then I can say thank you.

C – Thank you.

M – Your welcome, have a nice life. Bye sweets.

C – Bye.

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