Betty is a street cat and the session was realized with a surrogte through

MBIFA – the MBrex International Foundation for animals – Helping animals worldwide

Hello Betty


How are you today?

All is good

How old are you?

6 or 7

The man who feeds you, how do you name him?

He is a very nice man. He is taking care of us.

Does he has a name from you?

No, the nice man.

The man wants to know how you are and if you are happy?

I want to have a home! But not locked up. Someone who takes care of me.

How is it on the food side, how do you like the food.

We get regularly to eat and that is super.

And the food is good?


I heard you are fighting and hissing against the other cats sometimes when the man is there?

Yes, I am jeleaous.

Why are you jeleaous.?

I want to have more from the nice man.

What makes you happy?

To be stroked and get attention.

What do you wish for yourself?

A bit more attention.

You are not really a street cat are you? You should have a forever home actually?


When I had a home I think it would not matter if I would be alone or when there would be other cats.

Maybe I would prefer alone, I don’t know. Because I know that I am jeleaous sometimes.

Apart from that, are you satisfied?All is good?

Yes all is good.

He will be very happy to get know that.

Nice man. Super lovely.

What do the other cats say? Do they find him also so nice?


The man wants to let you know that he loves you.


Is there anything you want to say to the nice man?

Yes. Thank you that you take care of us!


The session was done with a surrogate. Here the information given by the same.

How did you perceive Betty?

She is not very simple. She is jelaous, for her it would be the most perfect where she can have a home for herself alone. To be Nr.1. Always.

She is lovely, super lovely but she needs more attention. She is more possessive, she is missing the attention and the touch. She wants more.


Here you have read the story of a beautiful street cat, looking for  a Loving Forever Home!

Dear Reader, should you like to adopt this cat, it lives in one street, in Altea, in Spain.

Feel free to contact me directly. +34 622109660

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