The owner has several problems with her dog. One of them was that Bertie, her Terrier, was crying in front of the door for hours everytime she left the appartment. Eventhough her husand was still at home with the dog.

She wanted to bring an end to the emotional suffering of her beautiful dog.

Read here the transcript from Berties very first session,

Hallo Bertie, Where are you right now?

In front of the door, waiting.

Bertie is crying.

Why are you crying?

Because (owners name) has gone.

Who else is now with you?

(husbands name).

And where was you before?

I was with my family.

How long was you with your family?

I don’t know, long time.

And then what happened to you?

I went to the car and then it stopped and I was put out of the car.

How did you feel at that moment?

I was scared and lonely. And then this lady took me where there were lot’s of doggies.

How did that made you feel.


And what happened then, after the lady took you there?

I was there for ages and then (owners name) came and took me.

How did that made you feel?

Very happy, but frightened.

Why was you frightened?

Strange place, lot’s of people, cars, noise.

You live now in the new place, how is the new place?


How do you like (owners name) ?

Oh, lot’s and lot’s.

You named the word frightened. What else did you feel?


Would you like to give me these feelings?

Yes. Take them away.

Healing takes place.

How different do you feel now?

Not sure.

Do you feel different then before?


How does this different feel? Better or not better?


So you feel better then before.

Floaty, light.

Can you say you feel better then before?


Imagine now, (owners name) is leaving the house how do you feel now?
I hope she comes back soon.

How do you feel now that she is out of the house?
I don’t know.

Does it feel a bit more OK now?

Yes, Yes.

So in comparison with before, does it feel more OK now that she is gone and comes back.


And how does that feel? Good?
Not good, but better!

Who is with you in the house?
Always (husbands name) and sometimes another Lady (housekeepers name).

How much do you like (Husbands name)?
Oh, I like (husbands name).

I am happy that you like (husbands name) and he likes you allot.

Oh yes, he does.

He is really happy that you are there.


How beautiful does it feel to be loved?
Very nice, good.

Enhancement of the feeling of being loved.

How does that feel?

You are loved, you are wanted, (owners name) and (husbands name) they want you, they love you, how beautiful is that.

Bertie is crying hearing these soothing words!
They love you. They want you. They are so happy that you are there. Every time they see you, it makes them smile. You make their day, every day more beautiful. You are very important to them.

Bertie continues crying.

Sometimes you are aggressive toward other dogs when you are outside or sitting outside. Why is that?

Little dogs yapp at me. I am on the leash.

How does that make you feel being on the leash?
I can’t defend myself, I feel vulnerable.

Do you have to defend yourself?
No. I have to defend (owners name). I wasn’t was on the leash before.

You have never been on the leash before?


Was you always free?

How does it make you feel to be on the leash?

How does being trapped feel?
Not good.

Let me change that, as with (owners name) you will be on the leash. Do you want that?

Taking away the feeling of being trapped.

How different do you feel now?

Here we walk through an example. Small dog bark.

What do you feel like?


How do you walk on the leash?
I am getting better, (owners name) and me we walk every day in the park.

Do you want me to make you feel good on the leash?

Leash relaxation takes place.

How much better does it feel now?
Yes, much better.

I have a question: When you are playing with the dogs, sometime you are fixating on the dog and chase them. What is the feeling behind?

I want them to play with me, but sometimes they don’t want to play with me. So. They quite often don’t want to. I try to get their attention. It is in my nature to hunt and I just want to play hunting with them.

I just want to play with them. With Layla and she is getting fed up with me. She is big dog, a Bullterrier. She is only a year old. I get hysterical and that gets overwhelming.

Would that be an advantage to calm that hysterical down?

Yes, that would be good.

Calming down takes place.

Wonderful and you have done so many changes with me here today. How different do you fell now?

More relaxed.

Is that a good feeling o not a good feeling?
Good feeling.

Double-check again for me of presence of negative feelings of loneliness and fear and being scared and frightened, all the feelings you have mentioned. Check for me.

I am not sure, but I feel a lot better.

Healing takes place.

How did the healing feel?


Bertie gets the opportunity to fill himself up with positive feelings

How did that feel?

I felt warm and waggy.

I heard something and I wanted to ask you. When (owners name) is leaving the room, what do you do?
I follow her.

Why do you follow her?
I just like to be with her.

I understand, still there is no need to follow her all the time, for example to the restroom, isn’t there?

I give Bertie the exercise, to sit that out every 2nd time the owner stands up and walks away.

Ok Bertie, you will do the exercise and you tell me the next time how that went. OK?

Do you have your own place in the appartment?
Oh yes. I have 2 places.

Is there something that you want to say to (owners name)?

No, just that I love her.

Is there something that you want to say to (husbands name)?

I love him.

Is there something that you want to say to me?

Thank you.

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