A wonderful session with Archie

Archies was presented with the problems of

  • getting and driving in the car and eating problems

Archie lives with his owneres and is often in his ‚holiday home‘, with his careres.

This session was booked by the careres and she took personally part in this experience. (Recommended)


At the first moment Archie was not responding, so a spiritual guide come forward to talk to us.

M – Hello, wonderful guide. Thank you for being here today, do you have a name?

G – No

M – May I ask if you are male or female?

G – Male

M – Are you a guide from Archie or from his careres?

G – Both

M – Okay, that’s nice, thank you for being here. I have a question, I would like to speak to Archie to ask about the issues, I think he has a bit of a negativity and problems, negative emotions and I would like to take it away. Could you tell me where Archie is, so we can talk to him? He didn’t come through.

G – He’s asleep

M – Can you wake him up or shall I ask the questions to you?

G – You can try.

M – Okay, I start with you, asking the questions with you, if not, we wake him up, is that good?

G – Yep

M – Is he generally happy?

G – Yes

M – He has an issue with getting in the car. What is worrying him? What’s the emotion behind that he is hesitant to go into the car?

G – He doesn’t like it.

M – Can you tell me why he doesn’t like it? What’s behind that?

G – He feels sick.

M – Does he feel sick when he’s sitting in the back or in the front?

G – He only sits in the back.

M – Can you feel into him, imagine, we would take him in the front. How would he feel then?

G – He doesn’t know.

M – What’s the best approach for us right now to make this feeling of being motion sick go away?

Do you know what we can do to make it go away? Can you advise us on that please?

G – Sit with him.

M – Sit with him in the car?

G – Yes

M – In the back?

G – In the back seat, not in the back, not in the boot.

M – Now we imagine, we all sit in the car, someone is sitting with him in the back seat. They are driving together, how does he feel now?

G -Nervous.

M – Still nervous? I would like to take this nervousness out of him, can I do that?

G – Yes, he’d like that.

M – Do you think he can speak to me directly now, or shall we still do it together?

G – Mm, try.

M – Okay, just if you wait for me, if Archie doesn’t come so we continue talking, is that okay?

G – Yes

M – So Archie your up and awake now, can you come through now and say ‘Yes’ so that I know you’re there? So I can take this feeling away of being frightened and anxious, I know you want to give that up is that correct?

A – Yes

M – Hi Archie. Say hi.

A – Hi

M – Up and awake now?

A – Maybe

M – I heard about that you are frightened in this car. And is frightened the correct feeling?

A – I just don’t like it.

M – Imagine I can take this feeling “I don’t like it” out of you, would you give that feeling to me?

A – Yes

Emotional & Trauma Healing takes place

M – So Archie in comparison to before, how different do you feel now?

A – Relaxed

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M – Is that a good feeling?

A – Yes

M – Can you bring the feeling of being relaxed up a bit for me? When it’s there and when you feel it say ‘Yes’ so I know.

A – Yes

M – And I want you now to make that stronger. This beautiful feeling of being really relaxed. Can you do that?

A – Yes

M – Now I would like to do a little bit of healing on you if that is okay, so where this unwanted feeling was in, so we heal the whole body, is that okay?

A – Yes

M – Okay I start with the healing now and when the healing if finished you let me know and say ‘Yes’.

Healing takes place

How does healing feel?

A – Tingly


M – How different do you feel now?

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A – Lighter

M – Is it a nice feeling, feeling light?

A – Yes

M – Do you want to make it stronger?

A – Yes

M – Go for it, make that feeling light, stronger. You know beautiful you, I took something out of you, now you can fill yourself up after the healing, with what would you like to fill yourself up? Cookies, love, wiggling the tail more?

A – Treats

M – Good choice right there, fill yourself up with treats. While you keep on filling yourself up, I have a question regarding your food, I heard you do not eat too much, is that correct?

A – Enough

M – Is there anything you would like to give it a go, a try on food?

A – I like fresh.

M – Fresh food? Like, meat or also, potato and vegetables?

A – Meat

M – What’s your favourite meat?

A – Any

M – So you’re happy with your food how it is? Just a bit more meaty.

A – More meat.

M – Do you get also dry food?

A – Yes

M – How is that?

A – It’s okay. I don’t like all the rubbish.

M – What rubbish? Tell me.

A – Mum (the owneres) tries to feed me rubbish. She thinks its nice and I don’t like it.

M – Is that rubbish dry or is it wet?

A – Human

M – She gives you human food?

A – It’s ham.

M – And?

A – Tuna, and sorts together, to make me eat it, and I don’t like it.

M – So can we tell her to stop with that?

A – Can try. She doesn’t listen.

M – I will tell your careres, that she can talk to your mum, is that okay?

A – She can try.

M – How is your mum, if we always have to try? Okay, we will do it. We will tell her no ham, tuna strange kinda of food mix. Proper meat, clear meat right?

A – Yeah

M – Cooked or fresh?

A – I don’t know, I’ve not tried it. Only cooked.

M – You had it cooked or non-cooked?

A – Only cooked.

M – So she can also give you raw meat and then see how good you go?

A – I might like it.

M – So we let it go for the trial right?

A – Yeah

M – I tell her. Is there anything else, while we are together here, is there anything hurting you?

A – No

M – Is there anything you would like to say to your mum? Apart from no mix-y food stuff.

A – She spoils me.

M – Is there anything you would like to say to your dog carer?

A – Thank you.

M – Is there anything you’d like to say to me?

A – Thank you.

M – Is there anything we can do better for you?

A – I don’t think so.

M – So now, I want you to just imagine with me together a scenario will you?

Just imagine now, your careres wants to take you for a ride and you guys are on the way into the park, okay, so now you go with your careres to the car, she opens the car, door and all of a sudden you feel very happy. Can you get that feeling up?

A – That would be good

M – Then I want you to put this feeling into you. Bring it up, really bring it up. Is it there?

A – Yeah

M – Make it stronger. Your careres opens the door, now you jump in on the back seat. Are you sitting on the right side, left side or middle to watch?

A – On the right. But it’s a bit squashed, because her car is very little.

M – So your sitting on the right, meaning on the drivers side, you can see Your careres fully right?

A – Yes

M – Now you are sitting there, do you have a safety belt or are you free?

A – I’m free.

M – You could go to the left also if you wanted to. Now, I want you to sit in the car, now Your careres comes around and gets in. Starts driving, and you’re expecting this motion sickness what you had before, but its not there anymore, right?

A – No

M – Now, how do you feel now?

A – This is good.

M – Make this good feeling stronger now. You’re driving, oh careful!, there comes a turn, a little to the right, she tipped you. How does it feel?

A – Silly woman.

M – Okay we’re driving, now a left turn, how does it feel?

A – I was ready that time.

M – So how do you feel driving in the car now?

A – This is fun.

M – Make this fun stronger now. A hundred times stronger now. Do you sometimes sniff on the air while driving?

A – Yeah

M – I didn’t expect anything else! Having fun to go into the car?

A – Yep

M – Looking forward to going in the car?

A – Yep

M – Good choice and this beautiful feeling will stay with you until you want it.

A – Good.

M – While we are together so happily, can I make a body check on you?

A – Yes

M – And can you let Your careres feel your body also?

A – Okay

M – Make a complete body scan now, and tell me if there is anything that hurts or feels strange, and give that information also to Alison and let me know if there is anything.

Here the dog lets the person do the scan together and let the person feel in their body.

A – All good

M – Oh good. Did your careres feel that?

A – Yes

M – So we’re good on the food side, we get that information out, you love now driving in the car. Your happy, is that right?

A – Yes

M – Your now on holiday home situation again, right? (when he is living at the careres house)

A – Yes

M – I heard you know where this sweet cupboard is?

A – Oh yes.

M – That’s everything there is to know. Is there a question you want to answer that I haven’t asked as of yet?

A – No

M – Is there a question you would like to ask to your mum or to your carer?

A – No

M – So we’re actually good?

A – Yes

M – When you came before into this session, how different do you feel now?

A – I’m excited to go in the car.

M – So this is everything from my side to ask. Thank you for talking with me, it was a great pleasure to talk to you.

A -Thank you.

M – We will say goodbye now?

A – Oh okay.

M -Bye Archie.

A – Bye.

Feedback after 2 weeks from the careres.

‚All has changed to the better.

Archie is eating better then ever and is now eager to get into the car.‘

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