Mr. Birdsbie (the dove)

A dove with a broken wing.

This session was conducted through MBIFA – The MBrex International Foundation for Animals.

This is the conversation with a dove, I (Maja Brexel) found on the street, hiding under the car, took it in, brought it to the vet on the 13th May 2022 and the vet diagnosed a broken wing.

The wing got taped and was taped for 6 weeks, 2 weeks the dove was kept still in a small cage/box to iniciate the healing. After, it was was placed outside in a small area during day hours.

The dove got nick named Mr. Birdsbie.

In this conversation I (Maja Brexel) reefer to myself in the 3rd. person in some moments.

M – Hey Mr. Birdsbie

B – Hello

M – Hi birdy how are your today?

B – Yeah I’m alright

M – How’s your new home?

B – Yeah.

M – Do you like it?

B – Its different.

M – How is it different?

B – Well I don’t have much room. I can’t fly around.

M – You were two weeks in this small bag/cage?

B – Now I have more room, but not much.

M – But now your outside with more room?

B – Mmm

M – How you like the outside now?

B – Yeah I like the wind.

M – Yeah?

B – Yeah, the breeze.

M – How is the food?

B – Good.

M – Good food?

B – Mhm.

M – Hows your wing?

B – Good, its getting better, still not quite 100%, still hurts a bit.

M – Still hurts? Can you say if it is much better than it was before?

B – Yes, Much.

M – Is it really much?

B – Mm.

M – How long were you with the wing before I found you?

B – A week.

M – A week? Long time. Did you eat enough and find enough food and drink that time?

B – Not so much

M – Did you have friends there?

B – No

M – Were you alone all the time?

B – Yeah.

M – Are you a boy or a girl?

B – Boy

M – I know your a boy, your a good looking boy, I saw you in front of the mirror. (He was posing in front of the mirror to himself!)

B – Haha

M – How do you like living with Maja?

B – She’s to kind.

M – I heard your biting her.

B – Yeah I’m only playing.

M – How much do you like it when she takes you on her arm and shows you the sea?

B – I love the sea.

M – In your current situation is there anything I can do for you better?

B – No, no, you’re taking good care of me.

M – Can your healing go on?

B – Yes

M – Can we do anything right now to accelerate the healing?

B – You can give me some more healing. That would be good.

M – Shall I give you healing now?

B – Mm

M – Give me one second, getting ready.

B – Okay

Healing takes place

M – How does it feel?

B – Nice and tingly.

M – Wonderful, so it can heal now better and faster?

B – Yeah.

M – Wonderful

B – One more week I think.

M – Okay, we’ll have to keep this bandage on a little bit longer, and then when you can fly, you can fly away. Is that good?

B – Sounds good.

M – Are you happy?

B – Yeah thank you for helping me.

M – Your’e welcome. Is there anything else you want to say in general?

B – No, but thank you for taking care of me.

M – Your welcome, then I say goodbye for today. Bye

B – Goodbye

Mr. Birdbie was allowed of his outside area to do some sunbathing!

The outside area

Every day the dove spend the day outside and the nights inside in a cage.

After 6 weeks, from the 24th of June I started to take of the bangade, round by round, and on the 29th of June 2022 all bandage was taken of.

The 30th of June the dove spend his day free of bandage and I saw him flying his first 3 meters.

On the morning of the 1st of July 2022, after 7 weeks, he flew away!

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